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    Does it do this if you leave a tab open that doesn't auto-refresh? I don't see any reason to leave an auto-refreshing tab open when you aren't viewing it. You could try leaving the home panel open instead. This is probably an extjs5/browser issue not really OMV.

    Thanks fou your input.
    You're rigth, it is not necessary, and probabbly it woul not be related to OMV.
    I didn't thought about it. Will check and report.


    Yesterday I started midori with 3 tabs pointing to 3 different OMVs .
    It started with 267 MB . This morning (after 18 hours) process midori was using 2,4 GB of private ram.
    This is about 37MB/hour of increase for every OMV tab.

    Today I've started:
    -1 process with midori 1 window, 1 tab. it started with 168 MB..... 4 hours after it is using 353MB
    -1 process with firefox 1 window, 1 tab. it started with 277MB...... 4 hours after it is using 412MB
    -1 process with chromium 1 window, 1 tab .
    Chromium started 6 processs this is the evolution of every process after 4 hours:
    --1.- 168MB >>>> 164MB
    --2.- 19MB >>>> 20MB
    --3.- 131MB >>>>> 126MB
    --4.- 148MB >>>>> 316 MB >> +168MB >> 40MB/hour
    --5.- 76MB >>>> 76MB
    --6.- 14MB >>>> 14MB

    You can see that process #4 is 'growing' 40MB/hour
    Attached a copy of screen of the results (chromium) after four hours.
    Attached also a copy of results of 'ps-ef | grep chromium' where we can see the full parameters of every proccess.

    Any hint ?


    Hi, I have 3 OMV servers (lab tests) and usually I keep web browser 'open' against them (do not log out)
    Screen used is Dashboard, but seems that any other screen used makes same sympthoms.
    Result is that after 12 hours Web Browser memory usage is > 1,5GB.
    I've tested with firefox, chrome and midori, (windows and fedora where applicable) and similar results are obtained.
    Only one Web Browser with 3 tabs.

    Any hints ?


    OMV system is a desktop PC. Intel i3 . 8Gb RAM.
    Storage is:
    - 8GB SSD for OMV
    - 4x512GB HD (desktop SATA series) RAID-Z2 for iSCSI server

    I'm using it as a Shared Storage Server for a Virtualization Test System:
    3 x Proliant G6 servers (bought second hand for 200€ each)
    . Servers only have a 8GB SSD for system
    . Disks for Virtual machines are in the OMV Server, and accesed via iSCSI (that allows me to migrate [online] Virtual Machines between Servers).

    I'm just testing things, but I'm quite happy with my 'NAS' setup with OMV.

    As an example, attached you can find a report from Crystal Diskmark, running on a Virtual Machine as defined in this setup. With corresponding Interface Stats (Read at 6Gb/Write at 2Gb !).
    Virtual Machine's disk is on OMV (another server), so speed reported by CrystalDiskmark, is the better way I've found to test overall speed (Proliant, Virtualization, Network, and OMV ZFS server).

    Now I know that just replacing ZFS disks with SSDs I will have an 'Enterprise Server' (with the benefits of Debian, OpenSource and this Community.)


    Infiniband cards (10Gb) are very cheap (used in eB*y) I obtained a switch (same way ) by 200€.

    Result of ifconfig:

    ib0 Link encap:UNSPEC HWaddr 80-00-04-04-FE-80-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00
    inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
    RX packets:228771314 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
    TX packets:236948343 errors:0 dropped:8 overruns:0 carrier:0
    collisions:0 txqueuelen:256
    RX bytes:316304819896 (294.5 GiB) TX bytes:1229576587415 (1.1 TiB)

    To make them work I had 'only' to add this to /etc/network/interfaces

    auto ib0
    iface ib0 inet static
    pre-up modprobe ib_ipoib
    pre-up echo connected > /sys/class/net/ib0/mode
    mtu 65520

    I obtain a very 'solid' server with OMV annd this network config...

    Hi , I have a (running) infiniband 10Gb netwok, where OMV serves to a Virtulization Test Lab (via iSCSI). It works very nice, and I get about 3,5Gb/sec (iftop)

    I would like to see this network traffic reflected on 'beautifull charts' as with any other network interfaces.

    Can anybody point me things to do and/or where to start ?

    Best Regards.

    I've read this post, and must thank everybody as I did not knew about Flash Menory pluging.

    My 2 cents is that I'm using this 8GB SSD…e-8gb-104062#.VjehWyu6-Uk
    for almost every (linux)computer I have, as a boot device.

    I have units 6 years old and I've had no fail. Now with Flash Memory my OMV units will last for 10 years more

    Will try to find how to install Flas Memory to other linux distributions.