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    But the problem is that it's not just any old machine, but various devices from different eras. The “Popcorn C200” media player, for example, may have v2 - 3 at most. I also have to take that into consideration.

    I'm just surprised that no NFS shares are recognized and displayed at all. But isn't NFS actually the domain of Linux? It's all very mysterious ....

    ok ... fine ... I'll try that on site tomorrow.

    So far only the access via SMB works - NFS does not work with Mint or NeptuneOS.

    But I have to leave the NFS version on 2 - an old media player “Popcorn” should also find access there, as well as an older TV, etc. I don't know all this exactly yet.

    Hi @all

    That seemed to be the solution. The pool could now be created and it also appears as “fuse.mergerfs”.

    Thank you very much. :)

    Now I still have a problem with the shares - but I'll open a new thread for that and ask for your help again.


    I am asking for your help again.

    Now that I have managed to get SnapRaid running with mergerfs (thank YOU), the shares are causing problems.

    Network configuration: WORKGROUP

    With a Windows 11 machine I can create, open and access the SMB shares via network search and entering the IP of the server. Guest-login is activated into the registry.

    Example: \\\Daten

    But there is no graphical activation into the network list - only via manual input i can choose a share and store them.

    But with a Linux machine (Linux Mint Mate 21.3 ) I can see the NFS and SMB shares -> but cannot access them:

    NFS: a window appears

    Mounting of the location not possible

    Permission denied: This computer may not be authorized or a privileged port is expected.

    SMB shares: input login data for user "A"

    Mounting of the location not possible

    Failed to receive the share list from the server: The argument is invalid



    shares permissions:


    NFS shares:


    SMB shares:


    for example SMB data share:


    Would you help me, please?



    From a machine with NeptuneOS (Debian) I have access to the SMB shares - but I don't see any NFS shares.

    Thank you both so much for your support. :)

    The hdd´s has been formatted into OMV. They were new one.


    I´ll check that later. I´ve to read that first and my English is´nt the best.

    no ..... i only made a normal installation, set-up a user (sambashare group member), installed a few extensions - most not configured yet) - the next step should set-up the drives.....


    Before that i made a full-backup from extern .... should i restore that and make a new try?

    I know that - but the system is for a friend and he has no computer skills.

    He should be able to simply connect new drives without changing the whole config - only add the new drive(s) to the pool - ready.

    That´s why i´ld create a pool and so the whole shares will based on the pool - even not only on one single data drive.

    Hi everybody

    i´m too stupid! Could you help me, pls?

    I´ve a new installed OMV 7.x @Fujitsu machine - the system is on a sata-ssd (micron) and there are two 12GB sata-hdd´s. One of them should work as data-drive, one parity.

    I try to install and config SnapRaid / mergerfs because of possible plug-in more data-hdd´s later.

    - the drives are shown into the drives section; formatted as ext4

    - i go to SnapRaid-Plugin -> create new array "Datenpool" -> confirm the configuration

    - than drives: 1 data drive with directory and data - 1 drive with parity -> confirm

    - mergerfs: new (+) -> name:Datenpool .... choose my data drive .... shared folders no at that time ..... the mergerfs Datenpool is shown as:

    I´ll confirm the config and -> look @attachment file, please - it´s too long for posting directly as code.


    I do not understand what happens?!

    Could you help me, please?

    :) :love:

    Nochmal zurück zu meiner obigen Feststellung zu "openmediavault-unionfilesystems" - gibt es denn das bei OMV 6.x nicht mehr? Falls dem so ist, wie kann ich dann "openmediavault-mergerfs" so einrichten, dass ich meine Platten ganz normal wie bisher weiter nutzen kann?