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    Hi all, I'm running OMV3 on a raspberry pi2 B. I have an external USB hdd where I have some photos and data as a backup.
    Since a couple of weeks I started receiving warning mail from SMART related to this external usb hdd.
    I bought another external usb hdd (same capacity) and I want to setup OMV to "mirror" some folder from the old hdd to this new one.

    Any hints?

    I used "ln -s " to create symlink

    I did it only for logs folder. Maybe I have to move to usb hdd the media folder and keep the database on the sd to have quick access (despite of this I have a lot of slow query warn messages)

    Many thanks!

    I have Plex installed and I did a symlink for Log folder to place them in an external usb hdd.
    Could this influence the rootfs space usage despite of symlink?

    Since a couple of week I get this email for rootfs space usage.


    How can I detect where my rootfs space gone?

    Thanks for the suggestion but I see 2 issues:

    • I'm running OMV on a rpi2, so docker plugin isn't working (wasn't working the last time I tried it); I can "setup" docker manually but in this way I loose the webGui benefit;
    • using docker I startup a whole system (image) for each service, works really fine if your business is to provide services that must be self contained but just for fun should be heavy.

    But thanks for the suggestion, your idea is a perfect backup plan if I fail following the omv way ;)

    Hi, since a couple of months when I restart jdownloader with

    • sudo service jdownloader stop
    • sudo service jdownloader start

    it get stuck. A new file is created "JDownloader.jar.backup.1" and no "JDownloader.jar" file is present.
    "sudo service jdownloader status" says "Failed to start jdownloader" (obviously).

    If I stop the service, rename the jar file and restart it starts properly but myjdownloader cannot find my instance despite of it's configured correctly (worked fine since a couple of months ago)

    I already removed and installed again the plugin.

    Thanks, I'm going to check Rdrive.
    OneDrive is not a solution for me because I'm using plex as pictures album, the whole idea is to see google photos images in Plex library.
    I'm looking for a plex plugin but in the meanwhile I can synch a folder on OMV drive and link this to a Plex library :)

    I installed OMV on a raspberry pi 2 and added Plex plugin.
    I'm looking for something that allow me to synch Google Drive folder (the one used by Google Photos).

    Any hints?

    after a couple of week of usage mny omv with rpi2 runs fine.

    After enabling email monitoring I receive this mail each day:
    run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/monitor-raspi-health exited with return code 1This is my /var/log folder files list

    Some files have owner group root,others admm, others utmp... is it right?