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    Scratch that, I've got it now. I was just being impatient and needed to wait... a long time. Once the system time was flashing I did a reboot then ran ifconfig to get the IP. I'm now able to SSH into the system. Thanks.

    I'm using windows (I could do it from ubuntu but haven't spent the time yet) so I used 7zip to extract then Win32 Disk Imager to write to the SD card.

    On the first boot it gets to:
    installing knfsd

    then it reads out temperature states 6 times and freezes. Is that normal?
    Thanks again for the help.

    Glad to see your build is working. I have had a probox for over a year and just got the xu4 last week. I threw OMV on an SD card but it wont boot. Did you use the img available here? Thanks!