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    After 3 hours you think this?

    You need to open up permissions or change the user that remote mount is connecting with. Personally, I would use rsync without remotemount - https://forum.openmediavault.o…3-Rsync-two-OMV-machines/

    Sorry - been wake till i dont remember, with this problem, and maybe is that, but thank you for replying.

    I changed permissions but it didnt work, so now i tested the other way around, i remote-mounted on the backup computer the source folder and after that i made a rsnapshot on the local backup drive and it worked without giving any failed or permission error.
    Thank you

    Well nobody cares to write and maybe my question was dumb, i searched a little bit and it seems that rsnapshot is made for local backup only, so im thinking of doing the reverse, ill use remote-mount to mount the shared source on the backup computer and then use rsnapshot there to backup that source. Hope it works this way.

    Hi there
    I have been using OMV since a long time (the beginning of it :D:thumbsup: )
    I have a small server hp ml110 g5 and omv has been working great since it was with omv 0.5, then omv 1.x and after that with omv 2.0 for many years.
    The os drive broke a few days ago and i installed omv 3 because 4 and 5 were throwing some errors at me. Yesterday i got another old computer, fujitsu with pentium 4xxx and 4gb of ram and i put there my backup drives.
    I used remote-mount plugin to mount the backup drives into main omv and then tried to backup the main drive with rsnapshot (have been using rsnapshot all the time and it has worked great too, when the drives were in the same computer). Tried remote-mount with samba but rsnapshot gave me permission denied and failed, same thing with nfs. Was able to remote-mount the backup drive in both ways but when rsnapshot started the backup was failing due to permissions.
    Is there a way to fix this permission problem ?( ? I set up same user on both computers with same password but no luck with that,tried to give permission to the user on the backup omv from the ACL and privileges but no luck with that either
    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.