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    Nope. But found myself a Hint on the Internet...

    lsof -s -- / | grep -e '^COMMAND \| (deleted)' | less

    Shows two 6GB large files, holded by rsyslog

    a "sudo service rsyslog restart" did the trick, diskusage back to 39% and WebGUI is accessable. But thanks! :)

    Sure, here is what i got...

    [22:46][root@Wasteland:/]# mkdir -p /mnt/rootfs
    [22:51][root@Wasteland:/]# mount --bind /srv /mnt/rootfs
    [22:51][root@Wasteland:/]# cd /mnt/rootfs
    [22:51][root@Wasteland:/mnt/rootfs]# du -hxd1 /mnt/rootfs | sort -hr
    1,8M    /mnt/rootfs
    1,7M    /mnt/rootfs/salt
    32K     /mnt/rootfs/pillar
    8,0K    /mnt/rootfs/ftp
    4,0K    /mnt/rootfs/dev-disk-by-uuid-5ef041e8-2d83-416e-9e6a-11918e09f833
    4,0K    /mnt/rootfs/dev-disk-by-label-data

    Thanks, but sda1 has 20gb and "du -xhd1" shows the "correct" 7.4gb. i delete about ~800mb logiles, but sda1 is still 100% full.

    ncdu -x

    Found a old post here in the Forum, System Disk full. But thats weird to me...

    [21:59][root@Wasteland:/]# df
    Dateisystem      1K-Blöcke     Benutzt   Verfügbar Verw% Eingehängt auf
    udev               3983944           0     3983944    0% /dev
    tmpfs               803188       92464      710724   12% /run
    /dev/sda1         20118096    20100964           0  100% /
    tmpfs              4015920           0     4015920    0% /dev/shm

    Hello, i need help if anybody can ;)
    Was hunting a Samba Access problem - and used "log level = 2" for my share. Forgot to set it back to 0. Now my sda1 is "full" at 100% and i cant find the huge consumed space. Even login in omv webgui is not possible because of low hdd space? I can access the machine via SSH. What options do i have?

    Will try that later @home, thanks. Another question, can i fix my SDD to sda? how? :)

    Edit: am i right? to have the sdd on sda i must connect it to the primary (first) port on my motherboard?

    Hello, i have a strange problem and dont know how to fix it in Linux :)

    Fresh installed OMV5.x on SDA / all Raid Drives disconnected (comming from 4.x), works fine.

    Root was on SDA, after reconnecting the Raid drives, Root swapped over to SDF. No Problem. SDA-E & SDG-H is my raid.

    Performance Statistics working. But with each reboot my Root Device jumps to another Point (SDA > SDE > SDF > ...)

    It is not fixed, thats what mess up my statistics - the only way is edit /etc/collectd/collectd.conf.d/disk.conf and restart collectd.

    How do i fix this damn Drive :D


    Thanks for the Link! Its working, but slow like hell -.- Server with OMV 4.1.22 is a Intel G4400 @3.30GHz - Internet Speed 1000/50, connected with OpenVPN (Android) throws 3,94 mbps down and 13,5 Mbps upload at me *cry* G4400 CPU Usage ~5%

    Edit : Fixed with OpenVPN Server.config tuning. Now 48/45mbps

    Ich hatte heute GENAU das gleich Problem. OMV 2.x - Dateisystem wurde mit 64bit Flag erstellt, Vergrößern über die Weboberfläche ok. Nur resize2fs schlug fehl. 32bit blah, blah, blah...

    Hier die Lösung (zumindest für mich)
    git archiv kompilieren (v1.43.1) und ab dafür.…groesser-als-16tb-32-bit/

    Voila, aus ~15tb wurden 18tb. Hoffe ihr habt ähnlichen Erfolg. Angeblich ist es auch möglich 32bit in 64bit zu wandeln!

    Thats really bad :( Do we have a chance that you spend a little bit of you time for a omv 2.x fix? *cheer* ;)