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    Mein router ist schon was alter und nicht mehr zu kaufen. Aber die meisten unterstutzen es. Vor al wenn sie einen router habben waarop sie OpenWRT installieren konnen.

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    Generally speaking almost every motherboard is compatible. Just to be sure its wise to check the compatability before buying the board.

    Best way to check if a board is compatible is to look for experience of that motherboard type + debian (since openmediavault is based upon debian). This should give plenty of results from forum users.

    The otherway around your approach could be to find a forums/threads about self build servers, my build is based on a hardware suggestion from a group of tweakers in a long running thread specifically aboutlow energy consuming home servers.

    Als pretty common are HP micro servers, the cheapest version delivers a motherboard, power unit and nice case for less then I would spend on only the board. And its a quality board. I don't own such hardware myself but will consider it on my next update. You can put in your own cpu + memory + drives its a barebone so to speak.

    Hope this helps.

    Thats a anoying problem and using the uid in fstab would indeed solve the problem. But it bypassed the omv configuration. If I'm not mistaken omv stores your drives also in some kind of a xml file to be aware of them. This might give trouble later on.

    I've only recently migrated from debian to omv so not sure how to fix this. You could search for "openmediavault mount usb drive UID". This probably would give a similar exeriences and poblems. Kinda interested myself since my remote backup is using a pi 3 to that soon needs a second drive.

    Open your command prompt (cli)

    Open the file etc/ftab (to show your drive mounts)

    You can uncomment the line containing the drive you want to unmount by adding the # sign

    p.s. If this solves the problem I probably need you to edit another file to to remove it proberly from the webinterface, but we can test this first.

    Asuming you are now on v3, it should not matter that you came from 2... at least as far as I know.

    Since most people really are kinda chaotic with their permissions, I would look there first or just reset the whole tree and apply again.

    - verify that deluge is indeed processed by the user you expect
    - verify the file permissions
    - verify there are no acl's active and if they are the are not hindering the deluge user.

    Hi, the problem you have are exactly the same problems I had a while back on my Ubuntu server (hanging forever on boot). The only solution for me at the time was booting in save mode and removed the mount.
    Since you have problems with a drive and the results are the same as the problem I had, I'm pretty sure its the same thing.
    The easiest solution would obiously removing the mount and see if the problem still occurs.

    For testing your drive there are quit a few options availble, but software can't test incidentally failures in the electronics or cable, so passing a test problably only ensures you the platers are okay. It doesn't tell you if the whole drive is always working fine.
    You could put that drive in one of the enclosures you had your seagate drivers in, just to make sure its not the cables or connector in your motherboard and such.

    p.s. Me and a lot of other guys I know use the same ripped external drive as you do, it contains the ST4000LM016, which is actually a very decent and energy efficient drive.

    I'm actually happy without automatic software updates, wouldn't want it any other way.

    Although a NAS is used at home, most people have quit a few applications installed on it and find it important that it keeps working. This means they want to check their NAS after running any update (except minor security updates maybe). This how companies do it to (test your apps after updating).

    I advice against it, but if you really want this, you can create the following task in the taskplanner containing this text:

    apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y

    Guten abend, haben sie schon versucht einen howto auf das internet su suchen? da sind ganz viel vorhanden.

    Ein anderes möglichkeit ist es in zu stellen auf dem router, das wort ich dun.