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    it is still very hard to access to my OMV5 from my Windows 10 laptop.

    My OMV is visible in Windows' Network section, but when I try to access, I have a pop up telling that the share is not avaialble.

    It works if I set up a network drive with my OMV IP address, so it is not a user / password issue.

    If I reboot OMV / windows, I can access through network neighbouring again..... until I put my windows in sleep, or don't use it for a while....then it fails again to reach OMV with its network name

    any ideas?

    thank you

    OK, Thank you!

    I have the same issue with my OMV that do not show up in network section on my Win 10 laptop!

    I 've tested your workaround and got the same observation:

    if I stop SMB in OMV, and start it back => OMV immediately shows up in my Nw shares on Windows!

    seems like a bug somewhere!

    Hi all!

    I have a problem between remote mount and shared folder set up:

    My Internet provider box (Freebox) has a built in hard drive which can be accessed with samba.

    I set up a remote mount access to this share ("smb// dur") : note there is a space in the share name

    The file system is mounted correctly, and I can browse it through ssh

    But, now, when I want to define a new shared folder (whatever the source), I get this error message:

    Any ideason how to fix that? could it be related to the space in the name?


    I need some informations concerning certificate renewal using LE plugin in OMV4:

    - do the port 80 need to be redirected to OMV machine to renew the certificate? (or only during cert creation?)

    -if yes, it exposes my OMV GUI to WAN, that I don't want... is it the only way?

    -how can I check that automatic renewal is working?

    Thank you

    I doubt Volker would change that since there is a section for certs with an option to import a cert. Once imported, it will show up in the drop down. Otherwise, here is the php code from the plugin that updates an existing cert with a new cert.

    If I'm not wrong, Import a cert in the cert section is by Copy-Paste the text .
    It is not so easy than importing a file, that is updated monthly by letsencrypt...

    As a example, in Emby Server, you can define where is the cert file... and even if it is updated by letsencrypt, secure access is always functionnal

    But may be the change would be better in the import cert section than in this general settings section ??

    I have a docker running let'sencrypt. It's working fine!
    But I can not figure out how to use this certificate for the WebUI of OMV??
    there is no way to go and select it (as it was possible in OMV 4.X with letsencrypt plugin)
    Can you help?

    I'm running Windows 10 it is up to date.
    I noticed that wsdd is more and more buggy since few weeks, don' t know if it's OMV or Windows related...
    in OMV 4... it has been fixed, and all went fine..
    but now I have several issues:
    -Acces using OMV Host name is sometimes impossible (IP is OK)
    - OMV does not shows in windows explorer/network
    -when I see it, sometimes I get can't find the path when click on it..

    Any ideas on what could be wrong?
    thank you

    I guess I will look at porting this plugin since there seem to be quite a few people wanting it.

    Wow, such a good news!!!
    I failed to find something easy to use in Docker Hub, here are the issues I met:
    - have to re define users & Passwords, in CLI most of time.
    - it's complicated to have differents shares for different users

    I'm impatient to see your plugin version ;)

    It might be installed but not properly. What is the output of: dpkg -l | grep pve-kernel

    Hello, here is the output:

    rc pve-kernel-5.0 6.0-8 all Latest Proxmox VE Kernel Image
    ii pve-kernel-5.0.21-2-pve 5.0.21-7 amd64 The Proxmox PVE Kernel Image

    I'm running OMV 5 with no problems so far (except for missing sftp plugin, but it is another question), using ProxMox kernel (5.0.21-2).
    yesterday, I saw a kernel update (5.0.21-3) in the update manager...and installed it.
    after reboot, I'm still under 21-2 kernel, and it is the only listed. No trace of the 21-3 kernel
    apt does not propose me 21-3 anymore, but I know it exists...
    Anyone could explain me what could prevent me to access this update?
    Thank you

    I've activated backports in my fresh install of OMV 5...
    apt-upgrade then installed Linux kernel 5.2
    after reboot, the system became instable and froze after few seconds
    no ssh access, nothing up
    reverse back to kernel 4.19 correct this
    Any feedback on this issue?
    Thank you