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    Ich bekam immer diese Meldung nach der Neukonfiguration von FTP. Angefangen hat es nachdem ich auf SSL/TLS umgestellt hatte.

    handling possibly truncated configuration data at line 9 in tls.conf

    Habe zwar eine Lösung gefunden, aber vielleicht interessiert das noch jemanden. Am Ende der Datei habe ich eine Zeile eingefügt. Das hat genügt. Die Konfiguration welche das normalerweise aus OMV schreibt sollte abgepasst werden.

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    i successfully installed latest OMV 3.x on Odroid HC2. Also the let's encrypt and subsonic plugin.
    Subsonic works locally, but when i try to to access it over internet with my ddns account, it redirects to the local ip in the browser. proxy pass is enabled via the subsonic plugin.
    OMV can be accessed via ddns and ssl.
    Can someone assist?

    Best regards
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    I thought I had set the virtual hd to dynamic, but it's now throwing an error that the disk is full! How can I extend the current vdi or change it to dynamic if that's possible. Under php admin for vb storage is displays Type (Format): Normal vdi.


    EDIT: Seek and ye shall find :) there is a guide on here on how to do this, the difference I had to make was to add " " to my .vdi once finished started the VM whereby chkdsk kicked in, then configuring updates, then a cleanup!! Now got a desktop displaying new size and subsequent free space. Simples :) if you search

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    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x urbackup update is available.

    Quote from takiyon: “I thought because it was a plugin based install that it did not automatically update itself. ” The plugin doesn't update the package and the package doesn't update itself either. You have to install the update from the Updates tab.
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    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x urbackup update is available.

    I did not realize. I thought because it was a plugin based install that it did not automatically update itself. If that is the case I will stick to the urbackup plugin. My apologies. Quote from ryecoaaron: “Quote from takiyon: “due to the omv plugin…
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    Quote from BFLK: “Hello, From my point of view, the only safe way to upgrade is to use another machine to create the new MD array, transfer the data, then move the array to the original system. The procedure that you pinpointed above is correct, but…
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    Quote from mrperfektone: “what file format should I format during the process when I can choose more than one in nand-sata-install ” I would try btrfs first since that's what we use on all OS images for all ARM boards except Raspberries (there we…
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