i have ran out of drive space! expansion options

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    • i have ran out of drive space! expansion options

      Hi all

      i am looking to expand my storage capacity in my OMV box, i have a fractal designs Node 804 case which houses 12 6tb drives. i have an asrock 2750 board with a two port pci sata card. I have no room left in the case to fit any more drives so i had a couple of thoughts and options being below

      i dont have any raid or fancy drive pooling, just loads of drives, root folder for each and lots of files..!

      expansion means i need to get myself an SAS extender card which i have been looking at LSI megaraid 9240i to expand the available sata ports available

      the OMV box is on 24/7 and on a UPS, it only gets turned off if i have to move house or put more drives in

      i have 10 plex devices on wan/lan for family and my machine will happily play for at least half of them at the same time. (everything in the house is direct play)

      So my options from what i can see are as follows

      1. buy a full tower case to house more drives in or a rackmount array style case, move the board and existing drives into it. ditch the fractal case

      2. buy another fractal case, insert new drives into this along with a modified power supply and run the sas cable from the card in box one to box 2 (round the back!) (making this effectively a dumb box of drives)

      3. Create another OMV box with shares on etc and running some services (so example box one could run plex, box two could do my downloading etc) in the second fractal case, i have a board and i7 chip and memory to do this.


      if i went for option one, i would have an ugly white box which doesnt actually utilise all the space inside. (server sits in my office no basement data centre for me)

      option two seems feasible, i would modify the switch to open the pins on the psu to allow the drives to spin up. but the cable would be just routed out of one box into the other. plus in the event of a shutdown, the disks would stay on, on the second box.

      option three seems a good idea but two lots of powering boards, two GUIs, if i could do this, i would need a way to sync them harmoniously i.e drives 1-12 have folders 1-12 and i can see them in plex for example when creating new categories, i would need to be able to mount the drives as if they were in box one, so would i use NFS for this, and can i use an automount for the drives that are in box two (remember no raid or fancy stuff needed) i understand i would have a bottleneck in the SAS port but all the disks may not be accessed at the same time and i think my bottleneck would always be my network.
      so i would add mountpoints to box one for drive 13,14,15 etc wherreas in option 2 for all intents and purposed they are on the same instance of OMV (just not in the box as such!)

      thanks all for advice etc in advance
    • Firstly, wow! That's a lot of drives and space!!

      Not sure on you best option, a bigger case - have you seen these at XCase would help in the short term and you gain a few more drive bays but you'd have to move everything.

      The option of buying another case and running a second OMV seems easier and as you said you could just mount the drives via NFS. You might gain more drive bays this way.

      Certainly be interested in what other forum members think as this is my two pence, only only have 5 drives and just thinking about upgrading.

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    • hi thanks both for your replies. ive managed to grab 2 of the Xcase Easystore 15 4U cases whcih are only 500mm deep for £45 each so i am going to go with plan three i think. I am going to order a glass cabinet rackmount to put them in (if only i had a cupboard under my stairs!)

      so, box one has the 8 core asrock board with the current 12 sata drives with OMV1 (room for 15 spinny drives and probably many more SSD drives) this can run my sonarr, CP torrents VMs etc

      i will then build OMV2 in the second case with the I7 board, and SAS card giving me another 15 drives at least :) this will just run plex

      so what i am going to need some help with is NFS automounts both ways as i have had permisison issues with linux in the past when trying to set these up. I got around the NFS issue using webmin when i was using ubuntu server.

      so what my aim is will be

      OMV1 - drives 1-15 in the box mounted under media\ then drives 16-30 mounted independantly through NFS so i can see them as if they were in the physical box

      OMV2 - drives 16-30 in the box mounted under media\ then drives 1-15 mounted through NFS

      so the two boxes become one integrated box.

      example of this in production would be

      1 - i have 10 drives with TV on them, 1 to 5 are on box 1, 6-10 are on box 2. Sab downloads to box 1 in a dedicated drive called downloads\newsgroup - it then can move the file based on the content to any of the 10 drives required.

      plex can then see all 10 drives in the library and detects the changes.

      2 - i can use rsync within omv to duplicate the contents of the folder on one machine over to another by pointing at media\UUID to export\UUID or similar.