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      Until now I used Grsync to sync music files from my PC (Lubuntu) to a HDD-Player.

      I now copied all the files to the OMV and try to run Grsync on my Laptop with the source on the server and the destination on the HDD-Player, both in the same network.

      Unfortunately, this does not work. Dry run in Grsync is working as expected. But the real run hangs at "sending incremental file list".

      The command I use is

      Source Code

      1. rsync -r -t -v --progress --delete -s /media/be/Musik/music/ /run/user/1001/gvfs/smb-share:server=IP,share=hap_internal/BEN/
      This command is generated by the GUI of Grsync. The source path is mounted with a cifs command I execute after waking up the server. The destination path is mounted by clicking on it in the PCmanFM (Lubuntu file server, like Nautilus). This setup worked fine when the first path was on a local SATA HDD.

      Could it be that there is a problem with connecting the two file systems?

      And if so, would it be possible to run rsync from the OMV console? So that I SSH into OMV, mount the destination HDD in the same network and then rsync the command above?


      EDIT: Actually, it is working now. But the progress is very slow, despite beeing on one router in the same network and connected via ethernet. So the question still is, if mounting a cifs HDD on the OMV console and then rsync-ing to it would be possible via command line. The question would be how to mimik the gvfs-mount. How could I mount the HDD of the Player via Ethernet in the console on OMV the same way I mounted it on the PC via PCmanFM (gvfs-mount).

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