Linux smb client slow transfers

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Linux smb client slow transfers

      I have a Linux Mint computer that only transfers ~400 mbps both up and down, while Windows 7 computers transfer at >990 mbps.

      Is there something different about a Linux computer that I should change to get full transfer speeds? I actually get ~440 mpbs download from the Internet, so my Internet is faster than local file transfer, <sigh>.
      OMV 4.1.14-1 (Arrakis); Shuttle XPC SH67H3; Intel Core i5-2390T; 8 GB DDR3-1333 RAM; 128GB SanDisk Z400s SSD (OS); Samsung 860 EVO 1TB (primary storage).
    • I use both SMB/CIFS and NFS4 for all my OMV shares. I use NFS4for connections between my Linux devices and SMB/CIFS only for my Android devices. Nothing special, I just used the OMV defaults.

      I just did a test of SMB/CIFS compared to NFS4 between two Odroid HC2s, both connected via a GbE switch. No tweaking of SMB/CIFS, I just created a Remote Mount in OMV with standard settings. Autofs and big buffers (2^17 bytes) were used for the NFS4 mounts.

      I transferred a folder with 25 files, totally 7.9GB, movies and metadata/pictures. I did it twice for both NFS4 and SMB/CIFS and recorded the second time.

      Over SMB/CIFS: 599 Mb/s
      Over NFS4: 912 Mb/s

      Your 64 bit computer is more powerful than my small 32 bit SBCs. You should get faster speeds for SMB/CIFS, at least as fast as mine. Something seems to be wrong with your setup and especially with how SMB/CIFS is set up.

      If you test NFS4 and get good speed, then you can rule out hardware problems. If you get slow speeds with NFS4, as well, then you can rule out bad configuration of SMB/CIFS.

      I repeat: My SMB/CIFS is not tweaked at all. I just use the default client and server settings in OMV. (They might be very good...)
      OMV 4, 5 x ODROID HC2, 2 x 12TB, 2 x 8 TB, 1 x 500 GB SSD, GbE, WiFi mesh

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