RAID5 erweitern (btrfs)

    • OMV 4.x

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    • RAID5 ist für mich die Wahl gewesen.

      Der Speicher soll vergrößert werden.

      Welche zusätzlichen Informationen wären denn nötig?

      btrfs filesystem resize 1:max /dev/md127
      ERROR: resize works on mounted filesystems and accepts only
      directories as argument. Passing file containing a btrfs image
      would resize the underlying filesystem instead of the image.…festplatten-vergroessern/

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    • OMV_newbie wrote:

      Hatte mich damals für das btrfs-System entschieden
      mdraid5 combined with btrfs is bad since you suffer from the classical parity RAID 'write hole' in case your array degrades and then a simple crash or power loss can result in your whole btrfs filesystem being in a state where it's not able to repair it (as in: total data loss).

      With raid5+btrfs you would need to recreate the mdraid this time using an additional SSD as log device (can't be done from the OMV UI) to be not affected by the 'write hole' problem any more but RAID5 with today's large disks is asking for troubles anyway... a RAID rebuild can take days or even weeks and in this time any more disk failure results in your whole array being gone anyway...