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    I upgraded to 5.0 recently.

    After the upgrade everything works fine, but I was missing the Unionfs page.

    Now, in omv-extras, I find two plugins:



    Unfortunately, I am not sure, which one I used before - I think it was unionfilesystems.

    After installing both (expecting to find in one of the two to find my drives), I get

    At each logon.

    I found this thread, but it is similar only...

    There, the suggestion is to remove the <mlimit>..

    But I do not think that this makes sense here, as I think that the self-mntentref is needed.

    I still get the same error.

    Which of the two plugins should I use, and how can I fix this issue?




    I understand. Thank you.

    I recommend running

    borg list /path/to/repo

    This will return a list of backups

    Or better

    borg info /path/to/repo   

    If a passphrase is needed, it will ask:

    Enter passphrase for key /path/to/repo

    And then answer

    If you add --json to the command, you will get a more suitable output.




    I can only tell you the obvious and you should consider that the obvious is the answer.

    And as you do not say why my answer is wrong/not applicable in your view, I cannot help further.

    You write


    don't know how to get borg to use an existing folder when trying to make a new repo

    And this is the problem: you should not create a new repo. You should just skip the step of creating a new one in case the user already has a repo. In that case, Borg will just use that.

    I could easily add what I think is right

    You could state that and then you would get feedback.

    But you just ask not to state the obvious. How shall we do that, if we don't know what you deem obvious and also not, what you think is wrong with the obvious.



    Appreciate the effort but you're asking people to run an undocumented script blind on their system?

    Well, I suppose that's what most users do with most of the code used in OMV.

    It's documented, but I would assume that most users don't bother reading the code. The Plugin-In is not more or less documented than this script.

    Same applies on closed source software.

    Honestly, if had the skills to read through and understand every uncommented line then I could do it myself anyway.

    I am not sure.

    For me it is easier understanding a script than doing what it does myself.

    If that is different for you, the script is not for you. But others seem to be grateful for it.

    I hope you found a solution that works for you.



    Hello hello I have to questions or maybe rather remarks:

    1) wouldn't it be better to have that are dedicated Tutorial for the upgrade instead of hiding it inside a long thread?

    2) it may be needed to run

    omv-confdbadm migrate conf 5.0.0omv-confdbadm migrate conf 5.0.0

    after the installation for me and and another user without this the Webinterface did not work.

    Greetings Hendrik