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    Hi there,
    I want to build a nas soon. Therefore I'm currently evaluating different nas solutions on virtual machines. A must have feature is being able to add disks to the pool.
    With hyper-v I installed omv and created a system drive and 4 fixed size data drives.
    I successfully created a raid 5 with 3 of those virtual disks. I then expanded the raid-5 by adding the 4th disk.
    When I go into filesystems I cannot expand it. All the buttons are disabled. I can't even click unmount.
    Is the feature not yet implemented into web ui?

    many thx
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    I've searched around, I just cant figure out how to perform emergency / system backup of this new OMV 4.1 / Odroid hc2 arm system with sata 3 1tb hd. To avoid redo of install, plugins, shares, updates etc. :S I understand how to backup the data folders.

    It seems the clonezilla TAB is missing on OMV 4.1 / Odroid-hc2 arm. I read this is was removed. This is a new system, works great, good time to perform system backup - it's clean! 8o

    Also, I am reading up in Odroid forum, trying to figure out if I could or should install OMV directly onto the sata hd, as a service, boot off sd and have everything on sata drive. If so, I'll reinstall and clone the system off my win 10 machine. Thoughts? So far I reading armbian is buggy with debian stretch on the h2.

    Anyone please comment. Thank You !
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    I build my first snapraid-setup with unionFS in OMV.

    It seems to run OK.
    I have some questions...sorry for this.

    After the setup I am not sure if this is right...???
    I read it somewhere here in the forum that it should be done like this:

    One of my main questions is how to do the maintenance of my setup.
    What do I have to do after setup?

    If I get the status of the Raid I get this:

    No sync is in progress.
    The 100% of the array is not scrubbed.
    You have 443439 files with zero sub-second timestamp.
    Run the 'touch' command to set it to a not zero value.
    No rehash is in progress or needed.
    No error detected.

    What does all this mean?
    What is the touch command? I do not find it in the GUI. Should I do it in terminal? I fear to mess-up something there.

    What should I setup in the Settings tab of the plugin?

    If you have some links to read or any other advice it would be nice.

    Thanks for the help.

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