rsync backup - keep/set permissions

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    • rsync backup - keep/set permissions

      I'm performing rsync push to another NAS (Synology) using rsync, On the target system I see the files I sent are now owned by rsync which is probably fine, right? However, I set 'preserve' option in my rsync job, so I initially thought that files will be still owned by root:users. OK, I can live with rsync user ownership but in the event of restoration I will simply need to re-set the ownership to root:users in my rsync pull task - right?

      Edit: I left only "archive mode" ticked and re-set permissions on the source folder, fixed Synology settings - rsync user should be in administrative group. Now the transferred files on the target NAS are owned by root:users. Looks good for me, but not sure it's the best configuration and I'm not missing anything.

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