AUFS - Setting up again after system reinstall

  • Hi all,

    I've had OMV running seamlessly in my machine for more than 12 months now however it seemed that in the last couple of days it decided to hug my network to death - whenever it was on no other machine was able to access the internet and I could not get it to resolve any hostnames either. Anyway, I thought it was a good opportunity for a fresh start so went ahead and installed the latest OMV 2.1. I then proceeded to install all the plugins/software I need but the most important bit I am unsure of how to go about which is AUFS and SnapRAID. I cannot remember exactly how I went about it before but this is the info I do know:

    5 total drives
    2x2 TB + 1x4 TB all with data + content files
    1x4 TB with parity file

    I also had a folder under '/media/poolshare' which was my entry point to the AUFS pool.

    My main question here is: is there a way to recreate the AUFS pool with access to all the files as they were? I see now there is a 'unionfilesystems' plugin instead of a dedicated 'aufs' one now, not sure about the differences. My drives currently have the following general file structure:

    /media/some-great-uuid-1234/diskX - where X is a number 1 to 4 (from snapraid I believe) - and within this are the balanced folders i.e Movies, TV, Pictures, etc...

    Any pointers here would be great, I can't remember how I went about getting the system working but it was almost at a Nirvana state where I didnt need to touch anything.

    Thanks in advance!

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