Dell Optiplex FX160 Thin Client

  • Hi all,
    I bought mini-pcie USB3 controller to my optiplex and today after test I can say that it is working. I can't boot from it so there can be some blocade in BIOS but Linux has no problem with that.
    My idea is to buy USB3 two disk case like this:
    and connect it do my optiplex + use 2 120GB SSD for OS in software RAID1.

    It can be confusing because second PenDrive was also with LinuxMint (OS was boot from USB Drive - also LinuxMint).

    I still need to prepare new 19pin USB3 connector because oryginal one with 2 USB connector on the other end is to high and I can't mount HDD plate on top of it.

    It is done! As you can see on photos I was able to push inside 2 2.5" SSD and still have place for another RAM module. I've added PCIE USB 3.0 controller and it is working (unfortunately one of USB3 ports not working but this is cable problem - on other cable both ports are OK). I don't know how it is with speed (I need to make some test about that) but for now I am so happy that I don't care about USB3 speed :P.

  • Sorry for the late answer :) the difficult part was only playing aroung with linux kernel/modules and software to use it. Under windows it is very easy: you just fit the card, install the driver and you're good to go. But still no info on the 8GB... cache for a NAS would be useful.

    And some good news I just discovered: the internal sata controller supports Port Multiplier: I connected a SATA-eSATA cable to the SATA connector usually used for the second drive (the one on the fan-bracket) on one side and to a 4xSATA IcyBox case and clonezilla saw all 4 drives (the external box is a pass-through: no RAID support, no nothing). Windows drivers may not support this feature (it's often the case on Intel chipsets for example).

  • I'd like to see some speed benchmarks , what read/write speed you get on gigabit ethernet connection and how it vary using ssd / hdd drive and connecting using ftp and samba ?

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