Permission issue

  • Hello,

    I have been using OMV for a while now without any issues. Since I upgraded a while ago to OMV 2.x I have this weird permission issue.

    I download a few movies and tv shows with sickbeard and couchpotato. Couchpotato keeps complaining about not having permission to move a file. It is mostly the movie file itself as the .nfo that comes with some movies can be moved. Sometimes it can move a file (it is in the destination folder) but it still complains about not having the right permissions.

    Example error:


    [hpotato.core.plugins.base] Unable to write file "/media/257611db-1eeb-4ebf-bba8-1d2c472ceacf/Downloads/complete/movies/MOVIES_NAME_HERE.failed_rename.ignore": Traceback (most recent call last): File "/opt/couchpotato/couchpotato/core/plugins/", line 108, in createFile f = open(path, write_type) IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/media/257611db-1eeb-4ebf-bba8-1d2c472ceacf/Downloads/complete/movies/MOVIE_NAME_HERE.failed_rename.ignore'

    Both couchpotato have read and write access to both shared folders (downloads/complete/ and media/).

    When I reapply the read/write sickbeard can "post-process" the tv show episodes but when new ones are downloaded the same issues arises.

    Am I missing a setting perhaps? Any help is appreciated.

    - ZioN

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