Emby only Transcodes to 480?

  • I'm testing Emby right now on a Media Server for the first time. The application is brilliant, but I can't get it to transcode to any of my devices above 480. Any idea why this might be?

    My Mobo is Quick Sync compatible up to 4k, but if I turn on Quick Sync in the Emby UI the videos won't play at all. I'm assuming there's some compatibility issue here and it is falling back to my slow CPU to do transcoding.


  • Update: Same problem with Plex, evidently. I don't know how to turn off Quick Sync in Plex, so I can't get it to stream to any of my devices. When I select a film the whole thing just hangs until I exit playback on any format of device.

    Maybe this is a driver issue? I'm using the ASRock N1700-ITX

  • You can tell if emby is transcoding by checking this location:


    There will be transcoding info. text files here is if a file has been transcoded. Delete all the transcoding text files then test a file from a client. If a file is created you know it is transcoding.

    In your home the clietns you use with your TVs should not be transcoding. You should only have transcoding with web/mobile clients or remote clients. If you are seeing transcoding files created while using a TV client figure why it is not direct streaming and fix it.

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