snapRAID pool as a shared folder?

  • Hi guys,
    I'm a beginner with the OS - installed my first OMV yesterday, but I know my way around a computer and built a few servers over the years.
    At first I started with a RAID5 setup (RAIDed 4 * 3TB WD red drives), but than, after installing the extras, I stumbled upon SnapRAID and got intrigued...

    I didn't even let the system finish with the raid initialization. Instead I setup the drives as 4 separate ext4 disks, mounted and configured them (d1 as parity, and d2-4 as content+data).

    At a first glance I though I'll be able to share the disks as a single shared folder, ticked the "Enable Pool" on the Settings tab, but nothing happened (no new Shared Folders etc)...
    So after reading the snapRAID manual and here in the forums (here for example), I now know I need something to "bridge the gap", and so I'm turning to you with hopes for a good advice on how to pool the HDDs and make a shared folder?

    I'll be using this as (another) backup for my photos and videos, and I want to retain the ability to access the files on the remaining disks should more than one HDD fail, so a simple JBOD may work, but maybe there's a better solution(?)

    Thanks in advance!

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