files size problem

  • Hi everybody,

    I've installed OVM since several months after a try of other free solutions like Freenas or xpenology (not really free but free in terms of money^^). In brief, I use an optiplex 780 (a Dell profesionnal computer of 2010) with 3 HDD inside (1 WD green of 3To for medias and 2x WD Red 3To in RAID 1 for backups ...). All works fine since I understand how does the system works and I know how to use OVM in command line.
    All except a little problem with the sizes displayed by windows when I use my CIFS/SMB shares.

    Indeed, when I copy some datas on my shares with OVM I see a really big difference between the "size" and the "size on disk" on properties of the folder i've copied. I know the concept of cluster size and how it change between filesystems but in this case the difference is very important. For example :

    A folder with 931 files and 108 subfolders :
    On the SMB/CIFS share (ext4 on a Logical Volume created in my RAID 1) I have a size of 2,12 GB and a size on disk of 2,76 GB
    The same folder on my computer (NTFS partition on a SSD) I have a size of 2,12 GB and a size on disk of 2,12 GB (the difference is about some KB)

    I need your help in order to know if this is normal or if this is an issue in relation with ext4, my RAID or the LVM system (in my opinion the difference is too important to be related with normal non-filling clusters). Sometimes, the size on disk is 2 times bigger than the theoric size.

    Thanks all in advance for your help (sorry for my creepy english, I'm French)


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