Degraded RAID 5 after reboot

  • Hi everybody,

    I have a problem with my RAID 5 array after reboot.
    One drive was listed as removed.
    I tried to add the missing drive, now I have the following state:

    cat /proc/mdstat shows:

    root@nas-kriwi:~# cat /proc/mdstat
    Personalities : [raid6] [raid5] [raid4]
    md0 : inactive sdb[0] sdd[2] sdc[3]
    11720662536 blocks super 1.2
    unused devices: <none>

    mdadm -D /dev/md0 shows:

    Here the other additional information:

    root@nas-kriwi:~# blkid
    /dev/sda1: UUID="526f5cda-3ac1-4914-ac2a-5c623afe7cff" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/sda5: UUID="ff79c131-a4b2-44b1-a758-a12f4c96cf52" TYPE="swap"
    /dev/sdb: UUID="37e3f043-a813-2bf9-5512-2d6211073655" UUID_SUB="7d1ca78e-7d4a-3ad6-dbf6-708f888de353" LABEL="nas-kriwi:Daten" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
    /dev/sdd: UUID="37e3f043-a813-2bf9-5512-2d6211073655" UUID_SUB="4e35f91f-5aee-5dcf-061c-f59b1f08b2dd" LABEL="nas-kriwi:Daten" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
    /dev/sdc: UUID="37e3f043-a813-2bf9-5512-2d6211073655" UUID_SUB="0a575562-0a7b-250a-716c-b9eabdc98f53" LABEL="nas-kriwi:Daten" TYPE="linux_raid_member"

    fdisk -l:

    cat /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf:

    mdadm --detail --scan --verbose:

    root@nas-kriwi:~# mdadm --detail --scan --verbose
    ARRAY /dev/md0 level=raid5 num-devices=3 metadata=1.2 spares=1 name=nas-kriwi:Daten UUID=37e3f043:a8132bf9:55122d62:11073655

    What does the state means. What does my NAS? The RAID is now not listed in OMV. I can't see any process that rebuild the array and the server is idle...

    Thank you for your pleasent help!!

    Best regards,

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