Seafile Server 6.0

  • Hi Guys,

    I fighted a while ago around the Seafile installation, and actuall running the 5.0.3 version.
    Has anybody of you guys successfully done the update?

    If yes is there a simple way.

    best regards

  • Hi Guys, so far nobody has answered. Anyway I need to understand what steps I have to go.
    In the below guide I can see different scenario's; as I like to go from 5.xx to 6.0 I think I have to follow the Major Version Upgrade.

    Upgrade Seafile Server

    @baldman, have you updated your server in the meantime?

    What I'm afraid for how do I find the right path to do the upgrade. I don't have the structure /haiwen

    How can I find the right path?


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