Slow streaming videos over ddns and sftp

  • If I understand, i think you are running a web server & kodi on the RPi. In addition you have a PC running as an OMV server. The OMV server has your data/storage. Is this correct?

    You should move the web server from RPi to OMV - there is a web server plugin called nginx in network section of plugins. You will have better web server performance on OMV and then you can run rasplex on your pi for the TV.

    You can use a RPi v3 as a plexserver but i would not do this! It might work ok but performance will be bad i think. Maybe better to wait for RPi v4 then it will be powerful enough! Maybe USB 3, faster network etc.

    I recommend that you install plexserver plugin on OMV. Get it working nicely. use this to stream on your android phone. when/if you are happy with this, then try rasplex on your RPi

    With plexserver running on OMV you do not need VPN to connect. It is designed to work over the internet with ddns.

  • Exactly, On my rpi run Web server like plug-in on omv. Nginx and php. On omv run plex server, and I can see my videos using the same app for Android or apple. But I a can't install that app, or I don't want to, I need only ftp or sftp? I hope rpi4 will be out soon, I don't know why the v3 was designed again USB 2 and share the resources with lan, only 100 mbit.

    So you confirm that if I would access to my files from remote I have to use ftp or sftp? I know Plex system is always better.

  • are you really using OMV 2 and not OMV 3? OMV 3 is stable and no longer in beta and I would recommend using version 3.

    I think it is possible to upgrade from 2 to 3 but I have seen some posts/threads with issues doing upgrades. Might be better to do a clean install of OMV 3 and so do this before you install plexserver.

  • Yes I think you will need VPN and FTP (or SFTP with port forwarding) if you want to access your media and you are not using the plex app/client.

    I do this sometimes when I am remote and i want to download a media file to my phone/tablet for travelling on a plane or train.

    I think you have Plex and also FTP over VPN working so you have everything you need.

  • I'm using omv 2.0, because when i started a 2.0 was much stable, 3.0 not yet. So i'm agree with you when you said that might be better a new clean installation. But now i have not so much time and i dont want any problem with 3.0, so i think that i waiting again a little bit. It could be better if a could migrate a configuration of my 2.0 to 3.0, but i think thats not possible.

    Are you using omv 3.0? The different are so big?

    At the end i have to said that i didnt know, that it was able to browse all my files on my lan using a simple vpn. Thanks again by vpn or ftp now i'm able to stream some content of my library, video, music, and doc. Fortunaly i have a good adsl.

  • Good you have VPN/FTP working on OMV 2.0 and that is great.

    I think most of the changes between OMV 2 and 3 are at the backend so functionality has not changed much. OMV 3 is stable though - I haven't noticed any problems at all with the plugins that I use.

    The main thing is that OMV 2 plugins will not be developed and new plugins are only for OMV 3.

    I was reading another thread on the forum. It is about using WebDAV or NextCloud instead of using VPN and/or FTP. see link below.

    Remote access to shared files please help

    I'm happy using VPN as the main benefit for me is access to my TV streaming services when on holiday overseas!

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