SSH: root can login within LAN but not from WAN

  • i am able to login as root (password authentication) into OMV (raspi build) from another Raspi within the same LAN. however, when i try to login from the WAN there is no response in PuTTY. shortly after that the error message "Network error: Connection times out" appears.

    i have other Pies in the same LAN (having the same sshd_config parameters, there were some extras but didn't seem to matter like kerberos), which i can connect to via the same router. i have set port forwarding on the router in the same manner for all the Pies for external access and i am able to SSH to the other Pies with no problems at all.

    i have googled, and one post said root has to be in SSH group. i believe that is already the case because when i tried to add root to group SSH, it said user already existed in the group.

    i really don't know what to do. can anyone help please...

    thank you

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