Upgrade from OMV 2 to 3 (new Install) Greyhole question

  • Hello,

    i have a question on my NAS Machine runs OMV 2. I have some crazy Problems with my installation and wanne start form scratch with a new Install.

    Now I have a

    10GB OMV Partition and 20 GB Database Partition (on 1 SDD) +
    2x2TB 1x3TB Data HDD´s

    I wanne reformat the SDD for this install, but I use Greyhole. When I have installed the new System and add the Data HDD´s to OMV and install Greyhole will Greyhole work again like before ?

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    Greyhole was abandoned in OMV 3. -> Abandoned plugins

    If you're reinstalling OMV 2.1; (according to OMVExtras.org) the plugin will be there and should work as it did before.

  • Ohh no :(

    is there an alternative for Greyhole? I used Greyhole for my Video Library so that I have only 1 Shared Folder for my video, pictures, etc.
    Greyhole also backup my important files on all my 3 HDD´s (My Documents and Pictures).

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    First let me say that I think you're on the right track in backing up your important files. If you actually want to keep them, that's the smart thing to so. In fact, as you may note from my signature below, I backup my ENTIRE server to another device (an R-PI) and another hard drive (a 4TB WD Mypassport - USB powered). And while I don't list it below, I have a 3rd server (32bit - nearly obsolete) that I fire up once every 2 or 3 months, sync it to my file server, and shut it down.
    (I have file archives that go back to Windows 95 / 98, that I intend to keep.)

    I use Rsync, and the Remote Mount Plugin to connect to shares of my 24x7 on line server and replicate those shares (with file changes / deletions / added files) to my R-PI backup server. I have a programmable AC power switch that turns the R-PI on at 00:01 every Sunday. Then, a series of Rsync jobs sync my shares to the R-PI, a bit of automated maintenance is done, the R-PI is scheduled to shutdown at 23:00 and the programmable switch disconnects power at 23:59. (The AC switch is 11$ on E-bay, BTW) In the bottom line true, FULL, dependable backup, that is platform independent, doesn't have to be expensive.

    What I'm getting at is, Greyhole is useful for protecting files from a straight out hard drive failure but there are many (many) events that can take out all the hard drives in your server, at once. (Now let me got off of my soap box. :rolleyes: )

    There are plenty of alternatives to Greyhole:

    If you prefer to have all your drives, folders, shares, etc., in one box, Rsync can easily replicate folders, between drives, on a regular schedule; as frequently as you like, it's fast and efficient.
    Also, while I don't use it, Rsnapshot is favored by some. As I understand it, Rsnapshot can do revolving full and incremental backups, where you can go back in time to previous file versions.
    (I do roughly the same thing with staggered Rsync jobs, to different servers, over time intervals.)

    I'm getting ready to go out of town today. If you need some help with setting up Rsync jobs, I'll lend a hand when I get back.

  • Hello,

    first thanks for your answer. I wars a few weeks not a Home (Holidays ;) ).
    My biggest problem is not the backup of my Data, I really want all my Movies, Series in one symbolic folder an this job does greyhole great.
    Is there an alternative for that?

    For example I have 6GB of movies and 2x2TB and 1x3TB HDD´s and I want only 1 folder in my Samba or NFS share where I can find all my Movies because I don't want look in 3 HDD´s for the Movie.

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