Docker PVR

  • Hello,

    I'm a longtime Freenas user.
    With well explained complete guides, i managed to have a automatic pvr using
    transmission couchpotato and sickrage in jails.

    Now i'd like to use something like that with docker, and found openmediavault.
    But what i can't find is a complete guide to realise this with docker and openmediavault gui.

    If anyone could help i'd be very thankfull!

  • There is a guide on docker in omv, it's in the "guides" section of the forum. The guide covers general docker configuration and not anything specific regarding sickrage or couchpotato etc since every docker image/container is unique.

    If you have any specific questions regarding docker setup you will most probably get help her on the forum. For questions regarding specific containers I would suggest asking the respective container "community".

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