HP microserver Gen10

  • I wonder, what version of Linux is HP referring to, when they provide the A340 version for download. For sure the realtime HW thermal alert sounds interesting.
    I tried it so far under their latest ClearOS - community (free) edition, but does not work.

    It should work on any linux. I've tested debian, the updater works fine there. Just extract their ZIP file and/or any *.rpm files. While you can install RPM with alien, there's no need: The extracted files work fine without install.
    Just follow the instructions (run "Lnx/flashbios.sh") and enjoy. I've only ever done this a) from shell and b) as root, so YMMV:

    On other news, HPE released a new UEFI version, I've updated the post accordingly.

    This is marked as an critical update - all users are "required" to install it.

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    1. Don't tell people everything you know.

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  • Hello guys!

    Has any one tried to install windows7 on microserver gen10?
    I made installation USB with Rufus, and successfully booted.
    However, during the booting process, win7 installer requires some unnamed driver to continue installation.
    I downloaded AMD chip drivers from hpe site, and tried to insert drivers, but I couldn’t specify which drivers are correct.
    Please help....


  • I'm sorry i think you have to test each one but W7 has it's own driver downloadable you shoult test all of them, or supply more info about it.

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