Accessing multiple WebDAVs

  • Hi,

    I'm just starting to configure WebDAV on my system and have three questions:

    • I notice Services > WebDAV requires choosing a shared folder but only allows one folder to be chosen as the WebDAV folder. What's the recommended approach to set up OMV if one wants to allow several WebDAV folders to be used for different purposes and accessed independently?
    • My local network already has a WebDAV server. So to bring up the OMV server as a second WebDAV server, I suspect I'll need to use port forwarding. Is this so, and if so, what ports should I use?

      • The ports currently in use for the other server are: 443 -> 443 and 80 -> 80.
    • It would be helpful to be able to learn about these kinds of things without having to ask every little question on the forum. So somewhere is there a guide to setting up WebDAV on OMV or some other documentation specific to the WebDAV plugin?

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