Antivirus jobs schedule

  • Hi guys. I'm back because I was trying to test the antivirus job but it didn't turn on even though I have that set up. So basically I was wondering if the AM could be added to the times as these aren't clear. I'm not sure if this is using the 12 hour or 24 hour time. Also, if I have the * on, does this mean every day of every month or does it mean that it just won't work until I choose a day for example. I'm guessing it's every day and or month since I don't want to have to choose if I just want to always scan at the time I chosen. Anyway I am hoping this can be added to help make it a bit more clear as I was just sitting here waiting for the one job to start but nothing happened. The jobs work fine if I manually start them, but it didn't work at the 11:10 time I added to test it. And can the hour be moved before the minutes. Okay I was able to just move that myself which is nice, I thought those were hard coded in.

  • it is the notation that cronjobs use.

    In the german wikipedia there is a really useful explanation with examples, unfortunately it is not available in the english one.
    But maybe you will find another one when you search for crontab or cronjobs.

    In your specific configuration, for example the first line,
    it will start on the 1. day of the month (for example 1st December) on 11:26am, it use 24hour format.
    With day of the week you can do something like "every sunday"

  • Thanks tux. It didn't work the way you see it there, so I think I need to change a couple more settings to make it work. I'll keep playing with it, I just haven't done it yet. I need to change a couple more items to make it run.

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