OMV 4.x - Plex - Agent Hama and Scanner Absolute Serie Scanner, how to?

  • Hi guys,

    Linux noob here.
    Brand new installation of OMV 4, on this new homemade nas.
    Everything went smooth.
    Following web guides I was able to create share, upload my video collection, install Plex using OMV-Extras, run it, so far so good.

    Now I need to "install" a Plex agent, named Hama (link Hama.bundle) and a Plex scanner, named Absolute Serie Scanner (link Absolute-Series-Scanner)

    due to my limited (->0) knowledge of Linux, I've followed this, assuming that a script for Ubuntu might work also here (script link here)
    (SSH with root, apt-get install git, apt-get install unzip, then commands as per script above)

    result: no agent, no scanner
    Any skilled guy that help me here?

    some extra data
    I was able to install agent and scanner on a windows Plex installation, so on windows it works.
    My guess is that I'm not writing things in the right folder


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