OMV hangs during reboot when using the web interface to do some configuration changes

  • Hello!

    I'm trying now for some days to get an OMV installation run, but when i reboot the NAS the system hangs at once and evey time. I have tried it a dozen times every time the same problem.

    Hardware is TerraMaster F2-220, Bootdevice is a 64GB Micron SSD with an USB-to-SATA adapter.
    I have installed OMV using Virtualbox (boot from openmediavault_3.0.94-amd64.iso and installed it on the SSD as descipted in an article of ct magazine)
    The NAS boots fine the first time, I can access the web interface, everthing seems to work. But when i make some config changes (i.e. add a user, set up email notification, and the ntp server) and reboot afterwards the system hangs.
    I have mounted the SSD to another Debian system and have a look at the kern.log. The last line is "kernel: [ 6.910268] random: crng init done".
    As there is no display on the F2-220 I have connected the SDD to an Intel Atom System and tried to boot.
    The Grub menu appears, then an message about initialising ramdisk ? and then the screen resolution changes and a blinking cursor appears (forever).

    The only soulution I found up to now was to start the whole installation again, but now after a dozen installations all with the same result I'm very frustrated.

    When I don't use the Web interface for configuration, but open a shell via putty, then I can install additional packages (i.e. editior joe) and reboot the system by "shutdown -r now" as often as I want, no problem, but doing a litte config change via Web interface and the installation is for the trash. ?(

    Can anyone help?

    Best regards

  • Hello,

    Now I know what happens. OMV removes all the network interfaces (beside loopback) from /etc/network/interface. Therefore there is no network started and I cannot access the NAS.
    Why the hell is OVM doing this? ?(?(
    I have now restored the file and removed the write access to this file (r-r-r), hope this helps.

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