Losing access to OMV

  • I have had a problem for the past 3 years with my OMV server (2 different versions) in that after it has been on for a while it denies me access. I cannot transfer any files in either direction. My (7) drives all check out as good (no SMART errors), I have drives ranging from 1TB up to 4TBs, Seagate & WD. I keep my OMV up to date. The error message I receive states that I do not have permissions. Well, i did up until it told me I didn't. It is a daily occurrence and my workaround is just to restart the computer and then it works perfectly again for maybe a few hours and then does it again and so on round and round. I have tried to ask this question multiple times over the past 3 years but always got some sort of error so it never got posted. This is merely another attempt. Who knows, I might be lucky. Never get a response from admins either when I tried to get help.

    Any thoughts welcome.

  • Denies me access to files/no permissions. I thought I clarified that. Actually, I'll put this on hold for now as I tried to downgrade back to version 3 (stable) and it all went crazy. Nothing is working. I'm going to reinstall v3 from scratch and see what happens. I'm not sure how to close this.

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