Yet another SMB/CIFS unauthenticated guest access issue

  • I have 3 different OMV servers, all 3 seemingly configured similarly. I can go through the normal process of creating a publicly accessible share, and able to access without being prompted for a password on 2 of the servers, but the third does not behave the same. I can enter .\nobody as the username and I can access the share fine. However, I need to access without being prompted.

    One difference is, that though all 3 have Directory Service enabled (thus security=ads in Extra options set on SMB/CIFS), when I click on Access Rights Management/User, there is a long delay while the User list from AD is queried on the 2 working servers. On the third server, however, it returns the local user list, apparently never querying AD. This would seem to be where the disconnect might be.

    I've been racking my brain on this for several hours, and I'm at my wits end!

  • I removed the third server from AD and re-joined, so now I have the Access Rights Management/User list populating (slowly), but still, unable to Access the SMB/CIFS share without being prompted for credentials

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