Need some help and guidance- Transmission openvpn- 200-300kbs- pia

  • Hello all,

    I've had a great time following along to TechnoDadLife's guides, and have learned alot. I am a complete beginner with little to no coding/networking experience attempting to build a plex server. I am running this on a headless virtualbox on my gaming pc running windows 10. I have allocated an ssd with 8gb, and another 100gb of the 120gb drive for the boot and docker containers, and have Radarr, sonarr, plex, and transmission installed and running. Two 1tb hds are connected via ZFS for the media storage.

    I am having the following problems with running:

    1. I am having insanely slow download speeds on transmission. I did the exact setup following TechnoDad, but am using PIA. I haven't attempted any port forwarding yet, but I don't have any problems with torrent speeds while downloading through PIA on the windows 10 pc. (4-5mb/s). I am running an edgerouter x as my router if that matters. I tried to use can you see me, but it only picks up my windows ip address and I can't change that, so I haven't explored that further.

    2. In transmission every torrent will brings up a warning triangle and says connection failed or connection to tracker failed.

    3. I also am trying to route completed torrents directly to the media folder and have that path specified in Sonarr and Radarr, but they end up in the completed download area of transmission, following the path /data/download. I attempted to change the path to /media (for the ZFS linked HD) and the torrent vanished on me. I can't find it at all under the network.

    If anyone can provide me with some help I would greatly appreciate it! Please let me know what you would like to see as far as logs go and I would be happy to provide it! (As long as I can figure out how to run the command!)

    Thanks in advance :thumbup:

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