miniDLNA client is not refreshing all files

  • My client is not refreshing correctly. It does not show up a folder I added recently. I never experienced this issue. I tried to force reload and stuff like here. The files dissappear from my client and then come back, but the new folder is still missing. I have tried to rename the folder. I also checked the permissions, they are all the same for all folders and files (and I also chmoded them to make sure). The minidlna file is owned by user minidlna (I saw a post where the owner was root and this was causing errors). Also, I had used the command top to show all processes that are running (I don't remember the exact command since I don't find the site where I read about this) and I had two processes showing up and one was a zombie. I restarted the whole server but no effect. Any ideas.

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