Can't install OMV on Western Digital disks?

  • I've tried installing OMV 4.1.3 on two different WD disks, but I get the same failed result.
    Everything seems to be going well until the installation is supposedly completed and I have to remove the installation media/Sandisk USB flash drive before it reboots.
    That's when I get the "Reboot and Select proper Boot device" message. I did of course change the BIOS boot settings to boot the WD disk that I installed OMV on.

    The weird thing though, is that if I leave the Sandisk USB flash drive on, with the installation media, and boot it, it'll sometimes(but not always) act as if I have already installed OMV and it'll ask for my root password.

    Are WD disks not fully supported?

  • Are WD disks not fully supported?

    I have lots of WD disks used with OMV. Support is determined by the Linux kernel not OMV.

    The problem is your bootloader is being installed on the sandisk stick. There are quite a few threads about this on the forum. The easiest solution is to install using the Debian 9 netinst and install OMV on top of that - there is a guide for that.

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