How to setup raid with USB drives and BTRFS (or ZFS)?

  • I'm just setting up OMV on a NanoPI M4 (rk3399) and 2 x USB 3.0 drives.

    I like the storage to be expandable and failure tolerant. Also want to avoid bitrod. Plates should fall asleep if not used for a while, ...

    What's the best configuration for this?

    Would you recommend btrfs or what would you recommend?

    Any considerations / best practices on the configuration?

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    Any kind of RAID over USB is not supported and is, in general, a very bad idea. USB interfaces can filter drive ATA commands and there's the issue of equal bandwidth for the array's member drives which (without equal bandwidth) can prevent the array from assembling. While RAID over USB may work, it may suddenly stop working without notice or reason. It's a recipe for data loss.

    If you want a "RAID like" array, with drives aggregated under a common mount point, consider UnionFS+SNAPRAID. (Both are OMV plugin's) This setup protects against drive failure, bitrot, provides file backup and restore functions, and it will work much better over USB. It's very flexible.

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