Plex Docker issues - Followed Techno Life Dad's Videos

  • Evening,

    I have decided to completely reformat my system and install using Techno Life Dad's Video's. I have notice that he has inconsistencies from his Openmediavault 4 install and complete setup: Current Version to his Plex Media Server on Open Media Vault using docker. Mostly it's a name convention of the folders (config vs appdata) I followed the Plex video to the letter and I get the following message "This site can’t be reached refused to connect." If I remove the /config line and let the system decide I can get Plex to come up and give me the welcome screen. Obviously something between the first video and this one has been skipped or missed if on my or his part. I have already setup the shared folders with everyone read/write. In SMB I have made it so Public is Guest Allowed along with Browseable, inherit ACLs and Inhert Premissions as enabled. I can make folders in the appdata section from my windows machine without having to use any username or passwords. In the Past I have just let the system decide where to place the config but if i do that everything goes haywire on a update. Please help me get this correct. I can get you any screenshots needed. BTW the only other variable i have is that I'm using UFS. Here is info from the Plex Log in the spoiler section.

  • Ok, So I think I found out the issue.

    This post goes over it from Feb 2017 Plex media server does not start if db volume in megerfs pool

    TL;DR is that If you are using mergerfs (like i am) you have to disable direct_io or place the config files on a direct hard drive. @ryecoaaron did say that he might allow drives to be used in more than one pool from the GUI but I do not see anything done on that front so most people might not need something like this or use the work around. Also @trapexit never added mergefs-tools

    I hope this helps someone else in the future

  • The issue with Plex is mentioned in the mergerfs docs. The problem could be addressed by Plex but I've not engaged them about it.

    Added mergerfs-tools? To what? There is no package for them. They are designed to be self contained. You can just download from the website.

  • this is all I know as I'm no where versed enough to comment more

    That just means I would add them to the omv-extras repo and the unionfilesystems plugin dependency list if the tools were packaged. Since trapexit and myself have not packaged them, you can just download them. The plugin wouldn't do anything with the tools anyway.

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