Moving from QNAP TS-419 PII with QTS to... QNAP with OMV?

  • Hi everybody, thanks for OMV and Happy New Year!
    I'm using it in a custom built device (you can see details here on my blog), but I'm wondering if it could be possible to upgrade my QNAP TS-419 PII from its QTS OS to OMV.
    My QNAP is working really good, but it's in EOL now, so it won't receive any update. I was wondering if it could be upgraded with OMV.
    Basically it's equipped with a Marvel SOC @2GHz and 512MB of RAM; technical specifications are available in this article.
    I think I could use an ARM based image, but are they upgraded/stable/maintained as the x64 version? Is there any limitation on their expandability?
    I'm pretty sure that I couldn't run Docker on it, as RAM and CPU are not so high end :) , but what about any other basic system feature?

    Thanks in advance and best regards,

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