• i plug the hardware device

    every disk are ok now

    but i don't see the totale size..

    how can i have the total size really available of my pool ?


  • i had a old version of my pool with about 10T.

    i had a problem, i reinstall OMV, but reimport my pool ( i've lost all my data )i rebuilt it but only with 7.T

    i would add every volume disk on this pool.

    how can i do that ?


  • I believe @hoppel118 is running a RAIDZ,

    My too :) I an running a Raid Z1 array.

    The pool size information from "zpool get all" is the size where the parity disk(s) are not substracted.
    You can try zfs list. It outputs the used and available space of the pool, which should fit to the information of the ZFS plugin of OMV.

    You can calculate it here: ZFS / RAIDZ Capacity Calculator

    OMV 3.0.100 (Gray style)

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    You have 6 drives with 1.82T (roughly). You have to subtract 2 of those drives for parity (RAIDZ2)

    That leaves 4 drives at 1.82 = 7.28T in raw storage. A bit more must be subtracted out for ZFS overhead, checksums, etc. 7T is about right.

    Pool1 used 6.28T -
    Pool1 available 752G

    You appear to have 6.28T of data on the array, with 752G remaining

    7T (capacity) - 6.28T (data) = 720GB (remaining empty space)
    This is very close to what you have.

  • I believe @hoppel118 is running a RAIDZ, ZFS array. Maybe he'll look at this.

    Ok, so it’s solved now. Great, thanks @flmaxey! ;)

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