Combining/Merging two Level 1 RAIDs (or their filesystems)

  • Hello,
    I have the following setup:

    3TB(HDD)-mirrored by-3TB(HDD)
    4TB(HDD)-mirrored by-4TB(HDD)

    on both of these raid1s I have an ext4 filesystem (one is allmost full, the other empty).
    I want to combine them, so I can use the space on them simultaniously so it looks similar to this from the outside:

    7TB combined-mirrored by-7TB combined

    I have read, that mergerfs could do something like this but I have no Idea how to use it. I could not find any introduction tutorials for mergerfs and omv. I have backups in place in case something goes wrong, but I would like to keep my data while combining the two raids.

    If I missed any information, please tell me, I just want a 7TB filesystem (with redundacy) that I can share on my network.

    Thank you for your help in advance!

  • Okay, it was really easy. I downloaded the unionfilesystem plugin after installing ovmextras. Then I went to the union-filesystems tab, added a new one combining the two. Apply. The only thing left to do was changing the drive of the shared folder and apply the change again.

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