Mediasmart wouldn't seem to boot after latest apt-upgrade. Was network interface change

  • I thought I'd post this in case it might help someone else out. I ran an apt-upgrade tonight on a headless mediasmart server. Towards the end of the update there was a question about grub installation. I selected the boot drive and it completed without error. The upgrade finished and I rebooted. The server seemed to not boot. I pulled it apart and connected the VGA adapter assuming that I had messed up grub somehow but found there was no network available. What was before interface eth1 was now enp2s0. I changed all references to eth1 to enp2s0 in /etc/network/interfaces and all is well after reboot. I don't recall why I hard coded the network interface before and I am not an expert at all. Maybe if this config is left blank it would've auto-config and I wouldn't have an issue. The other thing i'm not sure of is if I had changed the file before restarting if it would work without having to change after the fact.

    TL;DR Upgrade changed mediasmart server network interface from eth1 to enp2s0.

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