Upgrading from Pi2 to Pi4

  • Hi everyone,
    As my NAS i use a Raspberry Pi2 running OMV4.1 with an external HDD connected via USB. Now I Plan to upgrade from Pi2 to Pi4. Can I simply install OMV on the new Pi (4) and just plugin the HDD and expect everything to be working normal? I mean off course i have to configure services/users etc. but by doing that, should it be possible to get access to my files on the HDD via the new Pi? By the way is there a plugin that allows to export/import my OMV settings from one System to another?
    Thank you

  • Hi,

    Have you moved your system from Pi2 to Pi 4 yet?

    Any tips you would like to share, I am about to do the same for a similar setup (pi 3B+ to pi 4)

    Many thanks,


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