z220 mb or similar

  • Hello everyone.
    I'm a new user trying to build my first nas, which i decided to be an omv nas. I need some raid 1 storage plus the ability to stream into my home network music and video files (not more than fhd 60fps res, but i guess with this config there's room for more)

    Since i was looking for something durable i abandoned the prebuilt solutions and decided to build/install one. I followed this guide for a cheap but fast nas, and my choice for now is a hp z220 platform.
    I found lots of these workstations on ebay, and they all shared pretty much the same configuration:
    a xeon e3 starting with the 1225 up to the 1270 v2
    4 to 16gb of ddr3 ram
    a nvidia quadro 2000 (but i think it's pretty much useless right?)
    sata 2/3 hard drives.

    what do you think about it?
    the 1270 v2 scores 9,4k on passmark and should be more than fine to use with plex.

    am i missing something?

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