Transmission - Odroid HC2 board restarts after adding a torrent to transmission

  • I have OMV 4 running on my board. I few weeks ago I checked the updates and installed them(there were a lot). After that the board resets/restarts when I add a torrent remotely from my PC to transmission. Sometimes the torrent is started and I can see the files created but then the board just resets. I tried to reinstall the OMV4(burn with Etcher the image to card) then install the updates and install the transmission but the same happens (also with docker).
    I bought the board last year and it was running since then without any problems. I don't know what to do, but it has to do something with the updates thats pretty sure.

    If a skip installing the kernel update with a few other packages related to the kernel then the problem doesn't appear. So it has to do with the kernel update.

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