Request: guide for setting up a socks5 proxy server on omv arm (rock64)

  • Hello,
    I set up openvpn on my rock64 sbc with omv4, which is cool...
    But I also need it to act as a socks proxy for usage with the foxyproxy browser extension.
    (and yes, http proxy won't do for my intended use... I tried, It gets blocked in our environment)

    I have tried setting up dante server on both my device and another omv vm I had for testing...
    but as soon as I tried configuring a password authentication it would not work.
    compiling from source to get the latest version also proved fruitless, all I got was errors, and I am frustrated.

    Has anyone implemented / could try and implement a socks5 server on an omv4 arm image and guide me?

    After some reading and realizing what I want would give me an unencrypted connection - over the internet - to my home network...
    Decided to install ShadowSocks instead
    It's a bit less elegant needing a client... but much more secure and actually works.

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