Sonarr import issue

  • OMV noobie here and would appreciate any help. Been watching lots of @TechnoDadLife videos which are extremely helpful. Thanks so much for those.

    I've got Sonarr and Transmission with VPN setup. For my system, I've got a remote mount to a NAS. I can post a file to NAS using the OMV machine via SSH with the same user that is accessing Sonarr and Transmission. Sonarr can see the files already on the NAS remote mount and I can get it to initiate a download of missing episodes. Transmission starts the download just fine and completes is. However, once the download is complete, I get the following error (**** replaces actual file name):

    [Warn] ImportApprovedEpisodes: Couldn't import episode /data/completed/****/****.mkv

    [v2.0.0.5338] System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path "/data/completed/****/****.mkv" or "/TV/****.partial~" is denied

    Below is my Volumes and Binds mount section. Not sure if it's relevant, but only "/config" automatically appeared when I started to enter the container path. On TDL's video, /download and /TV also appeared.

    /sharedfolders/AppData/Sonarr /config
    /sharedfolders/Downloads /downloads
    /sharedfolders/TVShows /TV
    /sharedfolders/Downloads /data


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