Need some help getting started with zfs on linux

  • Hi,

    I've just made the switch from freenas to OMV 5. To get this done I had do decrypt my zfs pool so now that I am on OMV, I could simply import my pool and get started.

    I am looking for advice or links to relevant sites (as I haven't found waht I am looking for yet) on how to get my datasets encrypted.
    Do I need to create new encrypted datasets and then move my data to the new datasets?
    Can you encrypt an existing dataset?
    If I need to mvoe data to a new dataset, is there a built-in zfs command or do I ssh onto the NAS and execute "mv" ?
    Also, can I still change dataset attributes of my pool? When I first set up thigsn on freenas I didn't have the knowledge to create my structure the best way so I am thinking abotu consolidating and renaming a few datasets, maybe eve nchange their mount points.

    Any pointers are highly appreciated.

  • Hiya! I'm new here as well, and still actively using FreeNAS 11.3 when I'm not on a smaller-than-minimum machine for it.

    The OMV ZFS plugin is apparently completely unaware of ZFS' encryption. If you want it, you're going to need to delve into the command line.
    See here for the Oracle docs on encrypting, everything you see here should be applicable in OMV.
    I'm fairly certain you can't encrypt an already-existing dataset, you'll need to move stuff over using a cp, tar, rsync, whatever. a mv will not work as you can't mv between datasets.

    Attribute management is available, but it's all bare in a table. Click a dataset, then click the Edit button in the toolbar. You'll get every attribute set on that dataset, a light-grey tick mark indicates a default or inherited property, and fully black indicates changed/set. Clicking the tick mark resets the value to default/inherited (be careful, this happens immediately in my observation!).

    Renaming/moving datasets can be accomplished in the command line, see here for more Oracle docs. Consolidating or merging datasets isn't supported so you'll probably end up copying the data from one into the other and deleting the dataset once done.

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